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Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin Rug Washing, Cleaning and Drying

Without doubt sheepskins are a very special rug for that very special place in your home. Whilst the sheepskin wool is soil-repellent and hard wearing they do require a bit more extra care than regular rugs and with that special care, they will last for many years. Without that extra proper care your sheepskin rug will deteriorate all too quickly with the possibility of going beyond the point of saving. 

Rug Cleaning Sunshine Coast want to tell you that not all sheepskins are the same. We know that each rug type has its own unique characteristics depending on original sheepskin and the manufacturing process. Now this means the cleaning rule for sheepskin rugs are not necessarily the same for one as it is the other. To explain further, the sheepskin rug composition is a treated pelt consisting of sueded leather on one side and a soft plush wool on the other. Hence the requirement for the extra care and attention to ensure long life whilst keeping them in pristine condition. 

On a regular basis the care of your sheepskin rug is not rocket science. Here’s some tips: 

Daily Vacuuming

  • If your sheepskin rug is set in an area in which it is seldom walked on, there is no need to vacuum every time you do your general vacuuming.
  • On a regular basis, give your rug a good shake to rid it of dust and dry dirt which will greatly assist the prevention of grime getting into the fibres.
  • When vacuuming, it is better to set your vacuum head height to the highest setting or better still, you could use the upholstery attachment to safely vacuum your rug. 

General Use Cleaning

  • If your sheepskin rug is in need of a clean from just general daily usage we do not recommend putting it through the washing machine on any cycle. Doing so will risk permanent damage to the rugs fibres, size, colour and integrity. It is also worth noting that larger rugs will cause damage to your machine.
  • We suggest the better option is hand washing. This will be far safer than the machine, but you will find it difficult to rinse out all of the water by hand which means your rug will take a considerable amount of time to dry.
  • When drying, lay flat and away from direct sunlight. Hanging your wet sheepskin rug on the line or over a fence is likely to cause shape adjustments and weaken the pelt. 

Accidental Spills Cleaning

  • We know that floor rugs are subjected to food and drink spills together with dirt unknowingly tracked in on shoes. If your rug has suffered from this do not rub the area, even just a little bit!
  • Spot cleaning with cold to lukewarm water is the only way you can safely clean your sheepskin rug yourself. If the stain is persistent, using a proven product and dabbing the affected area/s may resolve the problem.
  • DO NOT overdo the cleaning if the stain is not removed easily. You will likely do damage that cannot be reversed. 

Professional Cleans

  • How often a sheepskin rug needs a professional clean depends on the environment it is in. But as a rule of thumb, once a year will keep your rug healthy and looking as it should.
  • When it is time for a professional clean we know that many owners of sheepskin rugs tend to take them to the dry cleaners. We feel this is not such a good idea as the treatment they use can remove the sheepskins natural oils. If that occurs we regret to say that result is irreversible.
  • For the safest way to clean your sheepskin rug, let the professional rug cleaners attend to it using the right process and equipment together with appropriate cleaning products. 

Take advantage of our experience and have us do the job for you and return it just like new.

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